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Big Bertha Dumpbody Vibrators Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Bertha? And what does it do?
Big Bertha is a 12 or 24 volt DC battery operated vibrator that mounts under your dump bed to discharge materials quickly and safely.

How does it work?
12 volt power from the truck's battery drives the vibrator. The produced vibration shakes the bed of the dump truck, breaking any bond the material has with the walls and floor of the dump body. The material then flows out quickly and cleanly.

How much does it cost?
Big Bertha (and the entire VIBCO line of truck vibrators) is very affordable. The Big Bertha vibrator costs less than a single truck tire. Customers tell us that the vibrator pays for itself within the first month of use.

What is the warranty?
One year limited warranty. Contact VIBCO directly for complete warranty terms and details.

Why should I use a Big Bertha Vibrator on my dump truck?
1. Save time and money on truck unloading costs.
2. Ensure a complete and clean dump every time.
3. Minimize the risk of rollover - unload your truck at lower dump angles.
4. Minimize the risk of falls - no more climbing up into the dump bed to shovel out stuck material.
5. Eliminate damage to the dump bed from excavators raking out material.
6. Reduce wear and tear on the truck's hydraulics, brakes, and tailgate - no more banging!

Can I use a Big Bertha on a stainless steel, aluminum, or heated dump truck body?
YES! VIBCO has mounting kits available for a wide range of dump body styles.

What size truck can use a Big Bertha?
Big Bertha works on trucks with dump bodies with a capacity of 10 - 30 cubic yards, or 22,000 - 48,000 lbs of load capacity. Other models are available for smaller dump trucks or specialty mobile equipment.

Does it matter what material I'm hauling and unloading?
NO! Big Bertha's vibration breaks the friction bond that material has with the dump bed and will move any type of stuck material - wet, sticky and frozen loads are no match for Big Bertha!

How quickly can I get one?
Big Bertha Vibrators are always in stock and shipped from the manufacturer the same day they are ordered. Ask your dealer to order one today - and be sure to ask for the free trial offer.

Where do I put the Big Bertha Truck Vibrator? Can I use more than one?
You will install the vibrator underneath the center of the body, as far forward as possible. Generally, one Big Bertha will do the job. However, in some instances, two vibrators may be needed - usually only with very sticky material in a high capacity dump truck. The Big Bertha Vibrator comes with complete mounting and installation instructions and those should be closely followed.

How do I install it?
Installation is easy - just follow the step-by-step mounting and installation instructions included with your Big Bertha vibrator.

How long does it take to install?
Installation should be done by a qualified maintenance mechanic and will take from 2 to 4 hours to complete. Please note that some welding is required to install the mounting plate.

What do I get in the box?
VIBCO's Big Bertha Dumpbody Vibrator comes as a complete kit that includes the following:
1. Big Bertha DC-3500 Vibrator
2. 34 feet of AWG wire to connect from the battery box to the vibrator (other lengths available)
3. Pre-drilled mounting plate to mount the vibrator to the underside of the dump bed
4. All needed electrical controls to install push-button operation from inside the cab

Is there an air-operated or hydraulic dump truck vibrator available?
YES! Contact your dealer for more information.

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